Here's what people are saying about ServiceNever

If you were to recommend ServiceNever to your best friend, what would you say?

"Their IP is small"
"10/10 shitposters unite"
"Would use Daily, the developer is hot af"
"I would say serviceNEVER choose anything else"
"It's effective, I had a problem. Now I have so many new problems I forget what my ticket was for. 5 stars"
"Submit ticket"
"It is the best damn ticketing system out there. The efficiency of your IT te will skyrocket!"
"Can you help me find waldo"
"It's so easy to submit a ticket, at last. I no longer get shouted at when I bang on IT's door at lunch"
"reduced the number of sev-1 incidents by 100%"
"Hands down the best ticketing system. It feels like ServiceNever solves the problems all by itself!"
"the service is phenomenal"
"Get it, it is a must have"
"Highly recommend. Website is artfully engineered and perfect for all of my needs."

What sold you on buying this product or service?

"It was free"
"alert('you think I bought it?')"
"A commercial I saw in a dream"
"" "The simplicity for the end user."
"The high clippy"
"420 clippy"
"the beautiful design"
"Youtube recommendation by Tyler"
"The absolute professionalism of the whole thing. Hardly see websites now a days with this level of detail and consideration of user experience."

What is life like now that you've experienced ServiceNever?

"Truly and eye opening experience greater than birth"
"It wasn't as bad as serviceNOW so definitely improved"
"I submitted a ticket from sunny Hawaii. Now, after finally hitting submit, in find myself in Ohio during a blizzard. My computer is wired, I don't understand what happened"
"Help me"
"Blissful peace!"
"A little bit darker"
"Glorious, you technical people fixed my Microwave Edge"
"never been serviced better "
"My whole Team is having a vacation. Manager likes the 100% solved rate, finance dept loves the cost reductions, our girlfriends love our stress-free mood when we come home. A Win-Win-Win-Win."
"Iโ€™ve finally been able to touch grass since my computer caught fire "
"More stressful ๐Ÿ˜‚"
"It will certainly never be the same "
"Life changing. A truly revolutionary site, on par with Google. A game changer and revolution in the field."

Feedback/Review about ServiceNever

"5/7 perfect score"
"Call me daddy."
"I suppose "
"It literally solved all the hassle we used to have with ticketing software. We used to have users complain about tickets not being dealt with but none of that any more."
"Easy Install, no npm or PHP."
"A friend from CERN says he has some trouble accessing the site from his Line Mode Browser. But hey, they have other things to worry about!"
"11.483/10 rating"
"Great tool very funny"
"Stunning visuals and intuitive controls. Leaves all other sites in the dust. Wouldnโ€™t be surprised if it was secretly developed by Microsoft or Meta."

If you could make 1 change, and 1 change only, to improve the server what would it be?

"Should have a paid annual only subscription service"
"Make the bot more coherent, but retain the shitposty aspects"
"alert('if you had 1 chance, 1 opportunity')"
"Unexpected baby shark playing after random intervals"
"Add link to download Netscape and internet explorer."
"It should be louder"
"Needs more IT thirst traps"
"jira integration"
"If you could add support for an automatic phone service, that would be great. Our colleagues are using internal phones suspiciously more often now."
"Add waldo to the captcha but refuse to accept itโ€™s actually him"
"Trying to make the chat more like artificial intelligence that the feedback matches to the questions"
"Make the service useful"
"I think the text size should be larger or smaller. It is feeling very regular sized currently, and I think that it needs to be at least a 64. "